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So you'd like to know about the history
and mythology of Trolls. How fascinating…

Mr Strickler's class

So you'd like to know about the history and mythology of Trolls. How fascinating…

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Market Mystic

In this sacred place you may gaze upon events that lie before you. But tread carefully Trollhuter, for seeing the future comes with great responsibity.

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Trollmarket Tours

From the surface world to hidden realms, step this way Trollhunter and discover all.

Troll Archives

Knowledge is power and key to becoming a truly great Trollhunter. Study the archives carefully and learn all you can.
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Troll Archives

of daylight
Armour &
Artefacts &
Knowledge is power and key to becoming a truly great Trollhunter. Study the archives carefully and learn all you can, but beware spoilers may lie ahead.
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Troll Registry

"Hey take this awesome test to find out if you are more Gumm Gumm Army or Team Trollhunter."

Which word that relates to you the most?

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Amulet of daylight

For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command

The Amulet of Daylight is an ancient object with magical properties that was created by Merlin to protect Trolls and Mankind alike. It's activated by the Trollhunter using the phrase "For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command". The Amulet also responds to the emotions of the Trollhunter to protect them.

When active, it summons the Sword of Daylight and Trollhunter Armour for its user. The Amulet has the ability to translate Trollspeak to human and vice versa, and when the Triumbic stones are added its abilities are enhanced. The Amulet chooses each Trollhunter through its own power, and once chosen, they cannot deny the responsibility. If the Trollhunter falls in battle, the Amulet will call out to a new owner in the voice of the fallen Trollhunter. The Amulet has now chosen Jim Lake Jr. as its champion, the first human Trollhunter. It also has the power to activate Killahead Bridge, which only the chosen Trollhunter can do.

Deya the Deliverer used the Amulet to activate Killahead Bridge and banish the Gumm-Gumms to the Darklands. When activated the Amulet also has the ability to translate Trollspeak to human and vice-versa. Additionally, when the Triumbic stones are added to the Amulet its abilities are greatly enhanced.

If the Trollhunter should fall in battle, the Amulet will speak in the voice of the fallen Trollhunter and call out to a new owner. The Amulet chooses each Trollhunter through its own power. Once it has chosen a champion they cannot reject or deny it. The Amulet has now chosen Jim Lake Jr. as its champion, the first human Trollhunter.

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TrollHunter Legacy

Never Yield

The Trollhunter is a warrior chosen by the Amulet of Daylight. Their sacred obligation is to protect the human world and Troll world from the evil Trolls called the Gumm-Gumms.

The Amulet was created by Merlin in ancient times to choose a champion to protect the Trolls.

When a Trollhunter is defeated, the magical Amulet seeks out a new warrior to take up the responsibility. The current Trollhunter is James Lake Jr, who is the very first human to be chosen. Will he be up to the task?

Rules of Engagement

  • Rule 1: Always be afraid.
  • Rule 2: Always finish the fight.
  • Rule 3: When in doubt, always kick them in the gronk-nuks.

Trollhunter Legends

Deya the Deliverer

This noble Troll succeeded in banishing Gunmar and his Gumm-Gumm Army to the Darklands.

Unkar the Unfortunate

Trained by Blinky, Unkar met his unfortunate end in his first ever battle, being torn limb from limb.

Kanjigar the Courageous

Father of Draal, Kanjigar courageously threw himself into the sunlight, turning himself into stone so that Gunmar could not reach the Amulet of Daylight.

Other Legendary Trolls

Venerable Behilda

Mentioned for their great wisdom in the Troll Lore Volumes 1-47.

Dishonourable Budas

Ancient Troll scholar, who left a secret message in one of his books regarding the locations of the Triumbric Stones.

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Gumm gumms

Gumm-Gumms are a race of evil Trolls. Despite the cutesy sound of their name, it translates to ‘bringer of horrible, slow, painful and thoroughly calculated death.’ They live only to fight and destroy Trolls and humans with no mercy. They are currently trapped in the Darklands with their leader Gunmar.


Changelings are Trolls that are altered by the Gumm-Gumms to take on human form. They are switched with their human match at birth. Immune to daylight, they are the best spies for the Gumm-Gumms.


There are too many Goblins to count, that serve Gunmar on the surface. They live on human fear, and when Gunmar calls them, their 'Waka Chaka' battle cry can be heard. Their leader has a magic marker moustache, and if squished, the rest seek revenge.


The Gnomes are pests in the Troll world, but are useful for their amazing grooming abilities. Gnome Chompsky is unlike other gnomes and helps the team, after Jim and Toby let him live. The Trolls brought them to the New World aboard the Mayflower for companionship and nourishment.


The Stalklings are a race of wild flying Trolls. They are dangerous and uncontrollable. Once they choose their prey, they keep hunting until they catch them. They are also one of the few species of Trolls immune to the effects of sunlight.


Pixes are small, glowing creatures that enter the heads of other beings, making them hallucinate some of their greatest fears. They are often used as a diversion on the minds of enemies. You can easily get rid of them with a simple slap to the head!

Volcano Trolls

The volcano Trolls obediently and silenty serve their master Gatto. They wear eerie masks and don't speak, making them frightening for outsiders. They feed their gluttonous master and fight any travellers that escape his grasp.


Gatto isn't a Volcano Troll, he is the Volcano. Massive in size, the earth has been built up around him to protect him from the sunlight. His lava filled belly is the safest place to keep ancient treasures and secrets, but you can only get into this treacherous place if you can answer one of his riddles.


The Quagawumps are an almost exclusively female tribe of identical Trolls who live in the swamplands beneath Florida. The Quagawumps are private, isolated and known to eat any outsiders who might wander into their swamps. Quagawumps worship their fallen King (slain by Gunmar centuries ago) who just so happens to look exactly like Toby.

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Armour & Weapons

The Sword of Daylight

The Sword of Daylight is a sacred weapon used by the Trollhunter. When the Trollhunter says "For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command", this activates the Amulet and brings the sword to life. It changes size to fit itself to the Trollhunter, and if separated from the Trollhunter's grasp, it can magically be called back. The swords glow can be painful to Trolls.

Armour of Daylight

The Armour of Daylight is the magical armour worn by the Trollhunter. Like the Sword of Daylight, it is also made of pure sunlight and summoned by activating the Amulet. The Armour attaches and sizes itself to fit the Trollhunter, protecting them from sudden and immediate danger.


The Warmhammer is an ancient Troll weapon made from a piece of the Heartstone. When chosen by Toby, the Warhammer is far too heavy for him to lift. However, when he’s afflicted by a gravity curse, the curse is transferred and contained within the Warhammer itself. This means it becomes light enough for Toby to wield.

Shadow Staff

An extremely powerful weapon of dark magic, the Shadow Staff is stolen from Angor Rot by Claire, who learns how to use it to open portals. The staff itself is fuelled by anger and therefore is not a weapon that should be messed with.

The Glaives

Placing the Birthstone into the Amulet allows Jim to summon the Glaives. Made of the same magical material as the Sword of Daylight, the Glaives appear as two curved pieces on Jim's outer thighs. He is then able to hook the two pieces together and throw them like a boomerang.

The Shield

Placing the Killstone into the Amulet allows Jim to manifest a heavy shield that fans out from his elbow. The shield allows him to block heavy attacks, but it can also be used as a battering ram to knock opponents down.

The Armour & Sword of Eclipse

These will be unlocked when the three Triumbric Stones are placed into the Amulet. The Armour and Sword of Eclipse have the primary purpose of defeating Gunmar, but their powers are yet unknown. To summon them the incantation reads, “For the doom of Gunmar, Eclipse is mine to command.”

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Triumbric Stones

These are ancient stones which are magically connected to Gunmar’s lifeblood. They were each created at a different point in Gunmar’s life – the Birthstone, the Killstone and the Eye of Gunmar. Hidden for centuries in remote places, the gang uncover their whereabouts by following instructions in a book left by a scholar called Dishonourable Budas, which Blinky burns to reveal a hidden message.

The Birthstone

This was originally a fragment of the Heartstone, which was corrupted by the conflict between the humans and the Trolls. The stone is hidden beneath Argentina by the Volcanic Trolls, where it is kept in Gatto’s belly.

The Killstone

This stone came into being when Gunmar made his first kill. The stone is hidden in the swamps in Florida and when combined with the Amulet it will produce another power for Jim to wield in his battle against Gunmar.

Eye of Gunmar

The third stone is actually Gunmar’s eye which he lost it in the Battle of the Gumm-Gumms. Hidden in the Deep Caves of the Kruberfor for centuries, its placement in the Amulet will unlock further power.

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Artefacts & Equipment


The Furgulator is used by Trolls to shrink down gemstones and minerals. Jim is put in the machine and shrunk down to the size of a Gnome.


A Gaggletack is an iron horseshoe used by Trolls to find Changelings. If a Gaggletack is placed against a Changeling's skin, this will show their true form.


The Soothscryer can tell a Trollhunter's true intentions if they place their hand within its mouth. At Jim's first trial with the Soothscryer, the result was undecided. Maybe at his second trial Jim will realise his true purpose…


The Kairosect is a powerful magical Troll item that can pause time for 43 minutes and 9 seconds exactly. The gang found the Kairosect in Gatto’s stomach when they travelled to Argentina’s underground volcano.

Inferna Copula

This ring is made of Angor Rot’s very flesh and is used to control him. Strickler travels to the Amazon to uncover Angor Rot, where he has lay dormant for centuries. The Inferna Copula contains Angor Rot’s very soul. In Latin, Inferna Copula means ‘Hell’s Bond’. Angor Rot will do anything to retrieve the ring from Strickler.


This is a very popular way of travelling. It's a large round transporter, but its super fast speed can only be safely handled by Trolls with a strong stomach!

Eye of Angor Rot

This is a magical item that Angor Rot can remove from his own head and send wherever he chooses to spy on the gang. The eye starts off as orange, but when Angor Rot’s soul is destroyed the eye turns white. Jim captures the eye and cuts it into a stone to use within the Amulet of Daylight to counter Angor Rot’s powers.

Grit Shaka

Gumm-Gumms use this magical totem to make you brave for battle. It's never been tested on humans, but Draal lets Jim wear it to give him confidence during rehearsals for the school play, where he has to kiss Claire.


A Fetch is a small gateway into the Darklands that only a baby, goblin or gnome can fit through. They are used by the Gumm-Gumms to send goblins to steal babies and replace them with changelings to spy on the human world above. Gnome Chompsky takes on the brave task of going into the Darklands to find the exact whereabouts of Enrique.


A Horngazel is a key that opens up a portal to Trollmarket. It's like a crayon made of stone, and works by drawing a semi-circle on the wall underneath Arcadia Bridge.


The perfect enchantment for studying, Elix-Lore is a powerful potion that can enable someone to consume knowledge at a voracious rate. Designed to be taken one drop at a time, consuming the whole bottle causes words to literally fly off the page into the reader’s mouth.

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Troll Mythology

Many fables describe giant trolls living alone with claws, fangs, tails and horns, but Trolls can also be smaller, more social creatures that live together. Trolls live underground, hidden from humans, and have great magic and craft skills. They know everything about geology, and are made of minerals themselves.

Legend says that almost all Trolls turn to stone in sunlight, but there are stories of Trolls who can pretend to be humans and live in sunlight.

Crystals and gems are said to be the lifeforce of Trollkind. Whilst humans treat stones to bring out their beauty, Trolls cut stones to unlock their magic.

Every culture around the world has its own Troll mythology, from the Norwegian fairytale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and Scandinavian mountain sides that have the faces of old, giant Trolls turned to stone, to the volcanoes of Argentina and the tales of Ucumar.

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Market Mystic

Episode 1

Becoming, Part 1

An average high school student, Jim wants more adventure in his life and he gets it when he finds the Amulet of Daylight on his way to school. Just what exactly is a Trollhunter, anyway?

Episode 2

Becoming, Part 2

Jim warms up to the idea of becoming the next Trollhunter – that is until he faces Bular, an evil Troll who is determined to destroy him. He asks for help from Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!.

Episode 3

Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?

Jim is not welcomed by the Trolls as their new champion, and suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of Draal during training.

Episode 4

Gnome Your Enemy

Jim undertakes his first mission as Trollhunter by starting small – he must shrink down to tackle a mischievous gnome who has stolen his Amulet.

Episode 5

Waka Chaka!

When Jim and Toby investigate a Goblin attack, they discover Changelings that are secretly living amongst them and rebuilding Killahead Bridge.

Episode 6

Win, Lose or Draal

Everything comes into sharp perspective for Jim when he discovers that his rematch with Draal will be to the death.

Episode 7

To Catch a Changeling

After Jim finds Killahead Bridge has been moved, he must use a 'Gaggletack' to find out just who the Changelings are in Arcadia.

Episode 8

Adventures in Trollsitting

Jim finds a Changeling when babysitting for Claire. He has proof for Trollmarket that Changelings are in Arcadia, but he can’t tell Claire. What will he do? Meanwhile, AAARRRGGHH!!! moves in with Toby.

Episode 9

Bittersweet Sixteen

Jim hates birthdays. Something always goes wrong and this one is no exception! He’s excited to finally test-drive a real Vespa but must battle a Stalkling Troll sent by Bular.

Episode 10

Young Atlas

Jim uses a courage-enhancing ‘Grit-Shaka’ to accelerate his training and to get him through kissing Claire in the play rehearsal. But he nearly gets himself killed when he hunts down Bular. Can Toby save him?

Episode 11

Recipe for Disaster

Strickler is invited to the Lake household for dinner and the gang breaks into Strickler’s office looking for clues as to the whereabouts of Killahead Bridge. They end up releasing a monster into the school and Strickler reveals his true form.

Episode 12

Claire and Prersent Danger

Jim’s two worlds, Trollhunting and school, collide when Claire becomes a target for Goblin revenge. The relationship between Jim and his mum becomes even more strained.

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